Ultimate Panfish combo for the ice

Here’s one of many big gills recently caught by HT Pro Staffer @Brian Koshenina. Brian’s been doing well all season—as in many winters past–using his HT Ice Blue ultralight system!

“When pan fish are on the move, you need a rod and reel that will perform as hard as you do to track them down,” Brian said. “I chose HT’s Ice Blues. Not only can I trust my Ice Blue combo to perform well, but it doesn’t break my bank account, either!”

Recently, Brian decided to try a new lake and it paid off. “This was one of many big gills I caught with my HT Ice Blue rod–I paired it with an HT Accucast 6 bearing spinning reel spooled with 3 pound test to create the ultimate system,” he revealed. “My Ice Blue system works flawlessly. and handles all the big pan fish I catch with ease!”