Slamming BIG Bluegills with spoons through the ice

I get asked all the time ” what is your favorite go to lure for BIG Bluegills through the ice”? My response usually generates a look of concern. Spoons are my favorite go to lure for BIG Bluegills, Crappies and just about every other fish that swims in the lake. My spoons of choice are the Moon Frye, Lil Rascal and the Willow Daddy from Snyder’s Lures. Spoons often attract big Bluegills because of their size and profile. A well jigged spoon will often keep the smaller Gills at bay and give the larger fish a chance to inhale the lure. A lite rod with a 3 plus bearing reel will often work well when using spoons. Tip the spoon with Euro larva, wax worms, minnows or soft plastics.  Be prepared to also catch Bass, Walleye and Crappies as they’re often tempted to eat the spoon as well. Give a spoon a try on your next outing.